Fire Away! by Dee Jay Gude
There’s a scene in the movie "Titanic" where all the "below deck" people are running around trying to find a way out so they can escape the sinking ship. A slew of rats scamper into the forefront, followed by a throng of panicked passengers and one of the characters says "If it’s good enough for the rats, it’s good enough for me." Isn’t that just the way?

I found that particular scene very profound regarding the way we as Americans follow our "leaders" in Congress and the White House. For some reason, we think they’re smarter than us. We think they know more about what’s going on with our country and foreign relations. So we follow blindly, with no regard to what’s really going on or what’s the best way. We just follow the rats. Mainly because it’s easier - if someone else makes a decision, then we don’t have to tax our gray matter coming up with solutions. Also it’s a question of accountability – if things go awry, we can just say "Stupid rats! They led us down the wrong corridor!" So who are the real stupids – the rats who led us astray or We The People, who allowed them to guide us?

Let’s now focus our attention on the King of the Rats, Charmin’ Billy Clinton, and his rodent underlings. Are these people out of touch or what? Clinton is a stinker and a bad guy, and I find it ironic that he may be booted back to his trailer court because of an indiscretion with a young woman. What a riot! After Travel-gate, File-gate, Lippo-gate, China-gate, Fundraising-gate, and all those other –gates, he may lose his job for gratuitous pleasure-seeking. Of course, if we remember our history, Al Capone was finally nailed for tax evasion so maybe this isn’t such a stretch.

Clinton could have had all this behind him if he knew more about his constituents. When the whole Lewinsky thing first came out, he should have skipped the State of the Union address and pulled a Jimmy Swaggert instead, tears and all – "I have sinned against the American people. I have broken the sacred vows that I made to my wife. I am a weak man, seeking penance for my wrongs before God." And what would have happened? We would have embraced him with a big ol’ group hug and his approval ratings would have gone through the roof. Instead he denies everything for seven months, chastises Ken Starr for dragging the country down, makes disparaging remarks about Linda Tripp and calls Monica Lewinsky a stalker. Then he delivers this patronizing "confession" and chastises us because he feels it’s none of our business! The tears and self-flagellation would have gone over well, but too late now.

And Hillary! Is she a bonehead or what? Right now she is one of the most ridiculed women in the world. How sweet that her man profoundly humiliates her in public, yet she forgives him and wants us to as well. What a model for women’s rights! If she were smarter, she would rise up righteous and make a public declaration of independence. "I am leaving my husband. Being First Lady is important to me, but not as important as the example I am setting for my daughter and the daughters of the American people. I want all young women to know that you don’t have to settle for a superficial relationship with a man, nor do you have to tolerate his demeaning treatment of you." Group hug! Suddenly she becomes the darling of the talk circuit, makes billions on her life story and is a role model for women everywhere – the Ivana Trump of our generation. Instead, she becomes that "Tammy Wynette standing by her man" that she sneered at six years ago.

They lie, spend 7 months and gobs of money corroborating that lie, then they admit they lied, then they tell us that technically they were telling the truth. In the 70’s, they said that a President should resign if he lies to government officials in any capacity, then when they lie they say that it’s private and nobody’s business.

So why are we still following these rats, who obviously don’t know where they’re going?

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