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Fire Away! by Dee Jay Gude
70%!?!  You've got to be kidding me!   That's the going rate of approval for Slick Willie, according to all the polls.   Personally, I'm having a tough time rounding up a handful of people who approve of the big guy.  Even my commie-pinko-liberal grandmother is expressing some reservations about the man she once revered.

The most common comment I hear is, "Has he no shame?"  Frankly, you have to admire a guy who holds a pep rally on the day of his impeachment.  You have to have nerves of steel to send your flunkies out to make statements to the press, saying that he didn't even DO anything wrong, when you've already come out and confessed on national television.   I had to laugh when the pro-Clinton guys were calling him all kinds of names and describing him as "reprehensible" during the Judiciary Committee hearings, especially since they were the ones trying to get their boy off the hook.  What a riot!

So to answer the question, "Has he no shame?" the answer is...of course not.  Where would he have learned it?  From his absentee father?    His alcoholic step-father?  His drug-abusing brother?  His power-monger wife?  His outrageous mother?  The dirty politicians he hung out with in Hot Springs?  In order to have shame, you must have had someone in your life who instilled it in you - someone who tried to teach you right from wrong, not just how to get over on people.  Typically it's a parent, one who says, "No no, that's not how we do."  Sometimes it's a grandparent or a teacher or a clergyman, but at some point someone must have tried to teach you right from wrong in order for you to have shame.

My grandfather is a retired Command Sergeant Major.  When I was a little kid and he'd catch me being naughty, he's call me over to him, "Sam," he'd say, in this stern, yet sorrowful tone (Sam is my childhood nickname), "Why did you do that?"  Then I'd have to come up with a reason that would pass muster - usually it boiled down to that I was being a knucklehead and not thinking about the consequences of my actions.  Then he would say, "If you had it to do over again, how would you do it?"  If I came up with a reasonable scenario, he'd let me off the hook with a "That's how I want you to handle it in the future."  If not, I became part of a discussion on how we do and don't do and why.  He never smacked me or raised his voice to me, but he could shame me to tears with that one word:   "Saaaam..."  Even as a teenager, my mom (who raised me without my father but in cahoots with all of my relatives) could scream her face off, threaten me, ground me, whatever - but the kicker was when she said, "Call your grandfather and tell him what you did."  AAAAHHHHH!  I never, ever wanted my grandfather to see or hear of me doing something that was less than moral, not even cheating at Monopoly with my cousins.  So now, as an adult, whenever I'm tempted to do something that's not very nice, I hear this little voice in my head, "Saaaam..."

Now let's think about little Billy Blythe's childhood.  His father ditched his mother when she was pregnant with him (and there's some speculation as to whether or not William Jefferson Blythe was indeed young Bill's father); his mother was a gambler and a drinker who thought her boy could do no wrong and canonized everything he did; his step-father, Roger Clinton,  was an alcoholic who used to beat them; there are no other relatives ever mentioned; the neighbors were mostly involved in criminal activity.  Who in this motley crew is going to teach the child right from wrong? Did he ever have someone in his life that he had to answer to?  We're talking about a man who publicly deplores the "politics of personal destruction", then says there's nothing he can do about Larry Flynt's or James Carville's shenanigans.  He is also the man who also put out the story that Monica was a stalker and Paula, Kathleen, Gennifer and Dolly Kyle are liars.

Speaking of which, the other night I was watching Rivera Live followed by Larry King.  Both had a line-up of Clinton admirers as guests, talking about how Bill Clinton is a good man and should be left alone to go on about his Presidency.  To a man, they said that Clinton has done nothing wrong.  Those guests were:  Susan McDougal, who just got out of prison for contempt of court and bank fraud, barely sqeaked by an embezzlement conviction, and will probably do time for tax evasion;  Jim Bakker, who just got out of prison for tax fraud, embezzlement, and other assorted crimes; Roger Clinton, who did time for drug-related crimes;  and Larry Flynt, Hustler magazine publisher, who was in jail for obscenity charges and may go back again for selling porn videos to a 14 year old boy.  These are Clinton's supporters, family, and pals.  The only ones missing were the drug lords that sleep in the White House.

Who does Clinton have that he looks up to, and would be ashamed in front of?  Most of his friends are either criminals or dead, he was more than willing to publicly humiliate his wife and daughter, both parents are dead.  Who does Clinton respect enough that he doesn't want them to catch him in a lie or self-indulgent behavior?   Where is the person who will say, "Biiiiill..."?

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