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St. Mary's County Oyster Festival
Home of the National Oyster Shucking Championships
These photographs were recorded during the 36th annual St. Mary's County Oyster Festival.  The festival was held in October of 2002 at the county fairgrounds in Leonardtown, Maryland.  Organizers reported that approximately 14,000 people attended the event this year.  Hover your cursor over each photo for a description of the photo.  If you've never seen a shucking contest, be sure to download our movie clip.
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The Oyster Festival is the home of the National Oyster Shucking Championships.  This is the stage where the competition takes place. King Oyster Gene Townsend.  Townsend is the president of the Rotary Club which sponsors the festival. A men's heat in the shucking competition is under way on the first day.  The Oyster Festival is sponsored by the local Rotary Club.
The Oyster Festival is held at the St. Mary's County fairgrounds in Leonardtown, MD.  In this photo a crowd awaits the start of the next heat in the oyster shucking competition. The festival included live cooking demonstrations. Everyone in the crowd was able to sample the results of the cooking demonstration.  Cookbooks were on-sale that included winning recipes from previous recipe contests.
These gentlemen are preparing oysters on the half shell for consumption by the crowd. A tray of oysters on the half shell just about ready for sale to the public. These gentlemen, old and young, enjoy scalded oysters.
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