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57 Couples Apply for Marriage License in St. Mary's Co. in May

Up from 39 in April

Newly married couple. Stock photo.
LEONARDTOWN, Md. (July 17, 2017)—The following couples applied for a marriage license with the St. Mary's County Circuit Court in Leonardtown in May 2017.

May 1, 2017

Danielle Lynette Adams, 30, Lexington Park and Mckeith Anere Washington, 33, Lexington Park.

Kara Lynn Estelle, 26, Columbia and Matthew Joseph Powers, Jr, 26, Columbia.

May 4, 2017

Brian Reed Selway, 42, Hollywood and Danielle Elizabeth Deacon, 33, Hollywood.

Miriam Salgado Monasterio, 46, Lexington Park and Rides Israel Polanco, 38, Lexington Park.

Hannah Rochelle Gholson, 17, Mechanicsville and Anthony Michael Huici, 18, Mechanicsville.

May 5, 2017

Elizabeth Nicole Hill, 21, Mechanicsville and Shaun Deanna James, 21, Mechanicsville.

George Alexander Lindsey, Jr., 45, Callaway and Nadine Karrish Woolery, 39, Callaway.

Joshua Robert Brantley Hatfield, 25, Livonia, Michigan and Kelly Elizabeth Mcintyre, 25, Levonia, Michigan.

Torrae Derome Hebb, 35, Hollywood and Kirsten Anita Lawrence, 35, Great Mills.

Michael Russell Baker, II, 27, La Plata and Rachel Leigh Couchenour, 32, Mechanicsville.

Christopher Michael Joyce, 26, California and Sarah Marie Joyce, 26, California.

May 8, 2017

Paul Shane Zimmerman, Jr., 22, Elk Horn, Kentucky and Barbara Lynn Martin, 22, Elk Horn, Kentucky.

Carolina G. Raguasi Arroyo, 31, La Plata and Darryl Robert Wormuth, 40, La Plata.

Sarah Elizabeth Marlay, 31, Washington, DC and Andrew Munro Harman, 29, Washington, DC.

May 9, 2017

Victoria Lynn Lawler, 25, La Plata and Hunter Rex Lee, 24, La Plata.

Andrea Jean Duckett, 26, Mechanicsville and Travis Wayne Worley, 28, Mechanicsville.

Kristina Lynette Dotson, 24, Mechanicsville and Ivan Jesus Vazquez, 39, Mechanicsville.

Patrick Neil Boothe, 30, Drayden and Morgan Nicole Ulrick, 21, Drayden.

May 12, 2017

Ronald Kenneth Chiasson, 52, Lexington Park and Lindsay Rebekah Kitchen, 40, Lexingtons Park.

Linda Kathleen Luffey, 59, Lexington Park and Patrick Crawford Ridgell, 53, Lexington Park.

Nancy Charlotte Skaggs, 58, Fort Washington and Christopher Parren Abell, 52, Fort Washington.

Brittany Megan Murphy, 29, Mechanicsville and Hamilton Kyle Wood, 31, Mechanicsville.

Morgan Alexis Tickle, 21, Mechanicsville and Eric Xavier Jimenez, 21, Mechanicsville.

May 15, 2017

Steven Michael Convington, Jr., 22, Harrisburg, North Carolina and Victoria Lee Crofford, 21, Mechanicsville.

John Robert Mellon, 32, Lusby and Crystal Lynn Couey, 33, Lusby.

May 16, 2017

Stephanie Oluchukwu Akpa, 33, Washington, D.C. and Christopher Artley Eiswerth, 31, Washington, D.C.

Aasa Danielle Molock, 25, Silver Spring and Clifton Raleigh Mcmanus Jr, 24, Silver Spring.

Jonathan Michael Bergmann, 53, Dowell and Dianne Kay Koerper, 50, Dowell.

Rebecca Juul Gill, 24, Leonardtown and Corey Taylor Frasher, 26, Leonardtown.

May 17, 2017

Kelci Ann Therres, 24, Hughesville and Robert Wesley Helms, 23, Huntingtown.

May 18, 2017

Tracy Lynn Hurtt, 41, Lexington Park and Richard Allen Alonzo, 38, Lexington Park.

May 19, 2017

Joel Wesley Richards, 58, California and Cathy Elizabeth Alderson Shumaker, 57, California.

Thomas William Byrne 3rd, 32, Waldorf and Jason Michael Ruzzene, 41, Waldorf.

William Harvey Butcher, Jr., 52, Hollywood and Kathy Noel Nichols, 46, Hollywood.

Nathan Walter Davidge, 29, La Plata and Lindsay Marie Katz, 29, La Plata.

Samantha Erica Gutierrez Ketchum, 21, California and Deandre Holness, 21, Hollywood.

May 22, 2017

Jane Ann Pannone, 61, Leonardtown and Ralph Anthony Dent, 61, Leondardtown.

Linwood Richard Schwartz IV, 22, Leonardtown and Elizabeth Anne Depperschmidt, 21, Mechanicsville.

May 23, 2017

Danyale Nacole Barnett, 31, Lexington Park and Donte Christopher Curtis, 38, Lexington Park.

Nicholas Allan Gardiner, 25, Greenbelt and Christopher John Phillips, 23, Greenbelt.

Paul Raymond Sedlock, 46, Mechanicsville and Rodeth Sanchez Umbay, 36, Mechanicsville.

May 24, 2017

Matthew Vinton Bellerose, 22, Waldorf and Averi Faith Mcdowell, 21, Waldorf.

Caitlin Diane Cyrus, 27, Williamsburg, Virginia and William Able Skinner, 31, Williamsburg, Virginia.

May 25, 2017

Shayna Christine Langley, 26, Mechanicsville and Christopher Michael Sherman, 28, Mechanicsville.

Katrina Ann Thompson, 24, Lexington Park and Larry Darnell Mills Jr, 25, Lexington Park.

Florence Babcock, 36, Lexington Park and Fridolin Essengue Awono, 45, Silver Spring.

May 26, 2017

Fiona Lynn Blair, 43, Neptune, New Jersey and Jeffrey Lynn Barnes Sr, 47, Great Mills.

Martin Richard Bell, 23, Patuxent River and Adele Sarao, 23, Glasgow, Scotland.

Sandra Lynn Richards, 27, Mechanicsville and Cory Remington Janschek, 29, Welcome.

Justin Holt, 38, Fort Belvoir, Virginia and Simone Alyssa Alger, 28, Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

Richard Henry Quade, 86, Prince Frederick and Linda Ann Mudd, 57, White Plains.

Rachael Pauline Bailer, 25, Davie, Florida and Nicholas Theodore Tworek, 25, Davie, Florida.

Sharon Lee Hall, 45, Hollywood and Benjamin James Parkinson, 51, Millsboro, Delaware.

Heather Marie Hewitt, 26, Leonardtown and Benjamin Ryan Windsor, 27, Mechanicsville.

Jazmin Janet Dougherty, 30, Lexington Park and Brandon Matthew Carey, 31, Lexington Park.

May 30, 2017

Austin Parrish Thomas, 26, Mechanicsville and Jordan Marie Breckenridge, 21, Cobb Island.

Alma Aliaj, 29, Washington, DC and Michael David Shoup, 30, Washington, DC.

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