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Let's play a game of make-believe...close your eyes and pretend you are the owner of a local McDonald's franchise.  A nice looking, pleasant gentleman comes to you and applies for the job of general manager.  This gentleman has been in food service for a very long time, in fact he was a crew chief at the last McDonald's he worked at.  So you take a look at the last McDonald's he operated and find that the place was in total shambles.  Racism was rampant, the place was dirty and the customer complaint box was brimming over.  Still, he seems to have his finger on the pulse of the youth market.

During his interview, you find that he is unfaithful to his wife.  Hmmm...well, that's certainly not the WORST thing he could do, right?   So you go on with the interview.  How about his service record?  He tells you that he never served in the military and  he was never drafted in Vietnam.   That's odd...he's the right age and seems healthy.  You do a little more checking and find that, in fact, he WAS drafted and you ask him about the discrepancy.   He tells you that, well yeah he was drafted, but he had some highly placed friends who were able to get him out of it.  So far you're not very impressed with this gentleman's integrity, but what the heck!  How much integrity does it take to do bookkeeping, inventory, and motivate a crew?  His personal life and things that happened almost 30 years ago shouldn't matter, right?

So you hire this man.  He seems to have a good rapport with the customers and the crew and sales are higher than they've ever been.  Oops, wait a minute...costs are higher than they've ever been, too.  So you ask him why costs have risen so high.   He replies that costs haven't really risen, in fact you have a large profit and how are you going to spend it?  You do a closer inspection of the books to find that it's not that you have more profits, but that you haven't had to take as much money out of the bread budget to pay for the hamburger cost overages as in the past.  You question this as well.  He soothes you by saying that normally you've had to take 40% out of the bread budget and now you only have to take 20%, thereby creating a surplus...get it?   And by the way can he have a raise?  He has some legal fees, nothing for you to worry about, but he made a few mistakes (everybody does, right?) and now the law is after him and he needs $3 million to pay for attorneys.

As if that's not enough, now your female employees are coming to you with tales of how this gentleman has offered them pay raises and promotions in exchange for sex.  They say that he has groped and fondled them, been very insistent, and fired them when they didn't comply.  You also find out that he has taken part of your business and sold it to your competitors.  And he lets his friends book the birthday party room and pockets the money.  And he's fired staff that has been there for 10 years to make room for his cousins and pals.  So you question him again.  He says that the female staff members are lying bimbos.  He says that he only lets his friends have the party room free of charge because then they'll owe him favors and will be more inclined to eat at McDonald's again.  He says that the "old" staff was incompetent and insubordinate and that his friends come highly qualified.  And he says all this to you with a straight face!

This man came highly recommended by some very prestigious people.  When you try to contact these folks and reiterate their high opinion of him, you find that they're all in jail.  And his wife is calling you every day, telling you that her husband is a loyal, honest man.  She says none of these allegations are true, that it's just Burger King trying to bring him down.

What's that you say?  That you'd fire this man immediately?  That you'd have never hired him in the first place, given his lies right at the interview?  That the man obviously is a lying cheat with no morals and no integrity?  Ah, but you did hire him.  You elected him as your President - not once but twice.

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