Scanner ONE-A & ONE-B: Charles County

ONE-A: Fire & EMS

Flash based player. Not supported on most mobile devices.

ONE-B: Sheriff, State Police

Flash based player. Not supported on most mobile devices.

Services Being Scanned

  • ONE-A: Charles County Fire & EMS and may carry Mutual Aid Calls to adjacent counties, mostly limited to 1 Channel.

  • ONE-B: D1: La Plata/White Plains/Newburg/Nanjemoy/Bryans Road & MSP. D3: Waldorf/Hughesville/Benedict.

Scanner TWO: Calvert County

HTML5 based player for all devices, including mobile.

Services Being Scanned

  • Calvert County Fire/EMS

  • Calvert County Sheriff's Office

  • Maryland State Police, Calvert County (Including Helo)

Important Notes

The embedded player uses HTML5, with Adobe Flash as a fallback. It should work on mobile devices and tablets. It has been tested successfully on an iPad and Samsung Android tablet. If the player does not work for you, try one of the six icons below the player to see if they do the trick.

We have 100 slots available for listening. If all of the slots are used, it simply will not connect, or you may receive an error message.

Scanner THREE: St. Mary's County

Flash based player. Not supported on most mobile devices.

Services Being Scanned

  • Fire/EMS Dispatch
  • EMS Tac
  • Fire Tac Channels - Tac 1 - 13
  • (((Stereo Feed))) *** Left = dispatch, *** Right = operations

Important Note

On 05-AUG-2013, the St. Mary's Co. government switched to an all-digital communications system. As such, the old analog scanners are no longer able to pickup broadcasts. Furthermore, the police have encrypted their channels. Therefore, the public can only listen to fire and EMS broadcasts via a digital scanner.

Scanner TWO-Alt: Calvert County

Flash based player. Not supported on most mobile devices.

Services Being Scanned

The feed will broadcast fire/EMS scanner feed from Calvert County. The feed will include all dispatch and TAC channels. The following talk groups are monitored:
  • Fire/EMS Main 1840
  • Fire Tac1 1872
  • Fire Tac2 1904
  • Fire Tac3 1936
  • Emergency 2044
  • County Meet 2480

Related Information

10 Codes:

The police and emergency services personnel speak using 10 codes.  This makes communications more concise.  The best known codes are "10-4" meaning "OK, I understand" and "What's your 10-20?" as in "where are you at now?"  In order to follow the conversations, you will need to know the codes.  A reference sheet is available here.


  • Each feed now has an HTML5-based player that should work on most modern devices, including mobile. For the non-technical folks, most players in the past were Adobe Flash based. Flash is going away for many reasons and it not supported on many mobile devices. HTML5 audio/video is supposed to be the modern solution.
  • We have successfully tested the HTML5 player on an iPad and Samsung Android tablet. Since the page now has a responsive design, you won't have any problem viewing it on any device, even phones.
  • We left the old Flash-based players from Broadcastify (formerly RadioReference) since they show the server status and number of listeners.
  • There are also links to config files for each stream so you can play it on your iTunes, Windows Media player, or Real player, if you prefer it that way.


  • For the latest information on scanner issues, maintenance, and reconfigurations in times of local emergencies, please refer to the Scanner Activity Forum.

Need Help or Scanner Feed Offline?

If you note that the scanner feed is offline, please click on the link for the respective scanner operator and send them a short, polite note advising of the problem. (Please note that you must be a registered member of the Forums in order to send a message.) If the problem persists, or you need general assistance involving use of the audio players above, please contact the Support Staff.

Sometimes, the scanner may require human attention and our staff is unaware of the problem. Your feedback will help us ensure a high availability of the service.

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